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Freediving Training Exercises: Morning Routine (also pre-dive routine)

Many students have asked us to write down the morning routine that we do here at Freedive Gili as a warm up for freediving and also as a daily stretch. Just as a reminder there are several good reasons for having a morning routine. Firstly it is for thoracic stretching, the more flexible your thoracic area is the more you should be able to inhale with a maximum breath.

The routine also includes empty lung stretches which are equally important ...

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Freediving Training – Strength and fitness as a foundation

Starting back in freediving training after a break is always hard. I have just returned from 2 months of snowboarding in France so I haven’t done any breath-holding for a while. I did go swimming 3 times at an amazing indoor pool complex which at an altitude of 2100m I figured would be good training, but then I broke my wrist in a fall in the park and that put an end to any more swimming training. However I ...

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