Coaching and Training

Be coached by World Class Freedivers

Train with experienced professionals at Freedive Gili. Our Instructors are both recreational and competitive Freedivers themselves who aim to share their passion and expertise with you. Our comprehensive coaching and training programs will help you to excel far beyond your expectations. On Gili Trawangan, we are graced with an abundance of great dive sites from sheltered, shallow water to pristine coral reef to deep drop offs. The infinite depth limit allows you to continuously progress in the comfort and safety of other Freediving enthusiasts!

Standard Coaching Sessions

These sessions are ideal for certified Freedivers who want the guidance and support of an experienced Instructor. You will dive “on the line” and be coached along side other students of a similar level. We dive from our boat and always use a proper Freediving set up (buoys, ropes). This is a great way to have fun, meet new friends and continue your Freediving journey with confidence. Also, if you have had a break from Freediving and need a bit of a refresher this is an ideal way to safely get your groove back!

Duration: approx. 2-3 hours
Price: 1.100.000 IDR

Pool and Dry Training

For certified Freedivers who want to refresh or refine Pool Techniques, breathing and or stretching for Freediving.

  • Here you can join the breathing session and first pool session of a Wave 1 course. You can refresh “breathing for Freediving” and relaxation methods, followed by the pool session which includes basic dynamic apnea, finning technique and buoyancy control.
  • For Freedivers wanting more specific technique, to try a max attempt or learn training tables. You can join the pool session of a Wave 2, 3 or Master Course depending on your level.
  • Or you can be coached through a specific training session by an instructor. Sessions generally focus on one key discipline or training method: Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea, C02 tables, 02 tables etc.

Price: 850.000 IDR pool only / 1.095.000 pool & dry training

Duration 1-2 hours