Become a Freediving Instructor

Duration: 8-10 Days

Price: 24.495.000 IDR 

Change your life and share your passion with the world! The Freediving Instructor Training Course is aimed at Freedivers with a high level of Freediving ability and experience who are ready to take it to the next level and become a Freediving professional.

Upcoming Freediving Instructor Training Course Dates in 2023: contact us.

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Are you ready? If you are comfortable with all of the core Freediving skills and have a strong desire to learn and refine your own Freediving, then you are already well on your way. To be a Freediving professional requires maturity, endurance and enthusiasm along with patience and empathy. The Freedive Gili Freediving Instructor Training Course is run over 8-10 days. This is not a relaxing holiday or training camp. This is an intense program which will empower you to lead with confidence, teach from your heart and transform your life!

We pride ourselves on our Instructor Development Program at Freedive Gili as the heart of our offerings, the pinnacle of our Freediving courses and programs. Our teaching team includes some of the most experienced Instructor Trainers and Deepest Freedivers in the world of Freediving Education. With years of experience as Instructors, Athletes and Freediving School Owners we understand your needs and desires in becoming Freediving professionals. We are here to help you achieve your goals and are confident that our courses offer the best opportunity for you to do just that!

Are you Ready? Dive in!

To combine the Instructor Course with our Master Program is the best way to refine your skills before beginning your Instructor Course. This program will be individually tailored to your needs and goals as an Instructor Candidate. We highly recommend all of our Instructor Candidates begin with this program or at least a week of training before the Instructor Course. This will help familiarize you with our center, the environment and your fellow students. You will also begin your Instructor Course feeling prepared and relaxed.

World Class Freediving School

  • Freediving resort with 9 beautiful rooms
  • 25 meters pool dedicated to freediving training.
  • 9 meters Speed Boat with 200 hp engine dedicated to deep dive with full safety equipment.
  • 12 meters wooden boat dedicated to recreational freediving courses and training.
  • Freedive training gym
  • Yoga studio with daily classes (vinyasa flow, hatha, meditation and more).
  • Full freediving equipment for students courses and training
  • Freediving shop selling top quality Freediving specific equipment