Deep Training Week at Freedive Gili

on demand

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Our Deep Training Week includes 6 days of open water dives, pool sessions, equalisation clinic, stretching, theory classes about freediving physiology and safety, strength work out and nutrition tips. Tuition will be focused on depth competitive disciplines of freediving, but there is the opportunity to try pool disciplines of freediving and get videos of your dives.

SSI Freediving certification is optional after completing skills and knowledge requirements (extra fee for certification only).

FreediveGili is located on the beach front of Gili Trawangan, a tropical paradise nestled between Bali and Lombok, Indonesia.  We are blessed with exotic island living and optimal freediving conditions.


The best Freediving Facilities in the world:  

  • deep diving spot is only 20 mins ride by speed boat from the center, with deepest dive to 130 meters by World Record holder and World Champion Alexey Molchanov. Unlimited depth, warm, clear water, year-round diving conditions. One of the best diving spots in Asia and in the world
  • 25 m long pool is perfect for both static and dynamic training
  • yoga hall for stretching and pre-dive warm up
  • freediving equipment shop with top level freediving gear from the best brands (Molchanovs, Mares, Subgear, Aqualung, Suunto)
  • gym
  • accommodation
  • health food café

The FreediveGili speed boat is safe and run by competent boat staff to take us out to our favourite dive sites and deep water. Our facilities are all safe, clean and right in the heart of the island life.

Viktor Reshetniak


Viktor is the lead Instructor on our Deep Training Weeks. He is an SSI Instructor Trainer and AIDA Instructor having taught more than 800 certified freedivers from beginners to advanced level. Viktor is a dedicated athlete and Instructor with years of experience in teaching, competition and training. He dives to 100 meters in Constant Weight and is constantly improving his depths and refining his technique. Viktor’s teaching style is relaxed, patient and direct, he sees your potential and is committed to helping you reach your goals.

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