Our Freedive Shop

Freedive Gili is a purpose built freedive center, designed to help you achieve your goals whether that is relaxation on a breath-hold or setting new personal bests.

Our center houses a dive shop selling freediving equipment including GoPro Cameras, freediving wetsuits, Bi-fins and Molchanov monofins, masks and goggles, nose-clips, dive computers and other accessories. Our 9 beautiful bungalows are designed with the Freediver in mind; Our 25 meter swimming pool is built specifically for teaching and training freedivers; Our classroom offers a relaxed environment to learn, study and teach in.

Our purpose built yoga shala is a perfect place to join a yoga class or do your pre-dive warm up. The Freedive Gili boats are safe and run by competent boat staff to take us out to our favourite dive sites and deep water. We also have a health-conscious vegetarian restaurant to keep you nourished during your training. Our facilities are all safe, clean and right in the heart of the island life.