Training techniques for deeper freediving

5% deeper!

My three tips for focusing training for freediving deeper

by Michael Board

I am writing this as much for myself as for anyone else to order my thoughts on what went right for me in this year’s Vertical Blue competition compared to my last two years of competitive freediving. My last personal best in competition was November 2014 when I did 103m in Constant Weight. The following year at the AIDA World Championships 2015 in Cyprus I managed to match ...

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Test diving the new Mares Smart Apnea

A quick review of how the new Mares Smart Apnea computer compares to other Freediving computers out there:


For Freedivers this could be a good value alternative. I took the computer on a 101m Constant Weight dive to put it the test, but the computer will apparently read depth to 150m, so will probably be adequate for most of us for a while longer.

It ...

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How to dive to 100 meters year after year? 4 tips to return to your personal best!

By Michael Board – Competitive Freediver (103m CWT) and multiple British record holder
Underwater Photos by Daan Verhoeven

Many Freedivers are returning to depth now after months out of the water – me too, so I thought I would write this to share some ideas from my own experience over the past three years. It has been helpful to think about what mistakes I have made in previous years which held me back.

After first reaching 100m in depth in ...

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Instructors of Freedive GIli

Freedive Gili now accepting applicants for Freediving Instructors

Freediving Instructors:

Freedive Gili is now looking for the right person to join our Instructor Team from April 2015- April 2016. Come live the dream.

-Beautiful, tropical island to call home
-Best Freediving facilities in the world (built by Freedivers for Freedivers)
-One of the busiest Freediving schools worldwide
-Dedicated team of Instructors and Athletes
eager training buddies always available
-Unlimited depth
yoga studio on site
-25 m swimming pool
-Warm water (27-31 degrees throughout the ...

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Freedive Gili Team finish the year on a high!

We are happy to welcome home Michael Board and Kate Middleton from their recent adventure to the prestigious Vertical Blue Freediving competition. The Freedive Gili team came out on top with silver and bronze medals and 5 National records between them! Vertical Blue is an elite Freediving competition that attracts the deepest in the sport. The competition is held at Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island, Bahamas, which is revered as one of the ...

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Meet the Team: Introducing Gary McGrath, Freedive Gili Instructor and UK Freediver

Follow our “Meet the Team” blog series where we introduce you to us, so you know who we are and what you are in for 😉  Get to know your Instructors before traveling to Gili Trawangan or follow them after completing your Freediving Course. This week we have interviewed Gary McGrath, AIDA and SSI Freediving Instructor and competitive Freediver (Team GB). We met Gary at the Individual Freediving World Championships in Kalamata, Greece in September 2013. ...

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How to rupture your ear drum at 97m (and live to dive another day)

The dive

The final 5 minutes preparation before the dive had gone ok.

There is always some nerves but I have learnt to deal with this in competitions and it was no worse than usual. However the fact that I was going for 100m and that it was a national record attempt again probably played around somewhere at the back of my mind.

Final breath was good, packed a lot of extra air as planned but then messed ...

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